Solution Architects
The technique of creating, describing, and managing solution engineering in connection to specific business challenges is known as solution architecture.

A solution architect is responsible for driving the profession and presenting the overall technical vision for a given solution.

While the discipline can be maintained in-house, solution architecture consultancy is offered as a separate set of services by some firms.

Integration Architects
An integration architect creates architecture that enables numerous systems to operate in parallel. The majority of integration architects work as members of software development and engineering teams, ensuring that a client’s systems are functional, efficient, and interoperable. You could create and install software, review systems, set up operating systems and hardware, and assess the security of systems.

Enterprise Architecture
To determine which legacy systems can be modernized, what software or hardware can be replaced, and which services or products can support company operations across all departments, the enterprise architect role demands complicated thinking and strategizing. Enterprise architects are responsible for determining the needs of a variety of business units and procedures across the enterprise. It’s a profession that necessitates excellent communication and analytical abilities in order to guarantee that business units have the resources they need to succeed.

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