Jumpstart will set you on the right path. Our engagement package will efficiently reduce the massive complexity of your startup providing you with a well documented project. You will have several options to proceed from there, some could be :

  • Continue development with our cost-effective teams
  • Seek investors and or financing
  •  Partner with jumpstart to get access to reduced prices

Engagement package content

Meet and great, initialization meeting

  • Initial solution evaluation
    • Task Scope
    • Choice of Technologies
    • Choice of Design and Development resources
    • Other considerations
    • UI Concept
  •  Prepare follow-up presentation

Follow-up meeting – Elaborate and adjust requirements

  • Detailed Design
  • UI Wireframes
  • Detailed Development Task
  • Detailed Estimation
  • Other Details
  • Final project presentation

Final Project Presentation

  • Detailed Design
  • User Interface
  • Technical Platform
  • Tasks – Work Breakdown Structure
  • Estimates
  • Budget and Resources
  • Recommended development plan
  • Other Items

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