Elevate your Legal Teams Performance with Luminance AI: Harness the Power of AI to Streamline Workflow and Improve Results

We are thrilled to offer our clients the benefits of Luminance’s AI technology.
By integrating Luminance’s AI into their workflow, our clients have seen significant time savings, with the platform automating the bulk of administrative tasks currently performed manually by lawyers.
This includes tasks such as contract drafting and negotiation as well as document review and analysis, all of which can take up a significant amount of lawyer’s time when conducted manually. With Luminance’s AI, lawyers can save up to 90% of their time, allowing them to focus on more high-value tasks that drive business growth such as strategy and analysis.

Unlock the Full Potential of your Data with Luminance AI: World-Leading Machine Learning to Proactively Flag Areas of Risk and Opportunity

Luminance works out-of-the-box to automatically detect and label over 1,000 legal concepts, visually presenting the results of this analysis across several customisable and interactive widgets. With AI-powered search and analysis, lawyers can rapidly zero in on key information and provide answers to pressing business questions with clarity and speed.

Utilise Institutional Knowledge with Luminance AI: Retain Expertise and Centralise Knowledge Sharing

Another key benefit of AI adoption is the ability to secure knowledge and expertise within an organisation. Lawyers can provide rationale on-the-fly during negotiations, which is automatically captured and stored by Luminance, enabling junior counsel to adhere to internal standards and ensuring no knowledge is lost during personnel changes.

Safeguard Your Business with Luminance: Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance with AI

Luminance’s AI uniquely combines supervised and unsupervised machine learning, helping lawyers to identify patterns and trends in data that might not have been immediately apparent to the human eye. This is invaluable for rapidly identifying anomalies and flagging areas of potential risk or opportunity, particularly in large datasets.

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