The Heart Digitalization
Software integration is a critical factor in ensuring that your software not only works in theory but really helps your business in practice. You should constantly make an effort to ensure that new software integrates easily with your current business procedures.

Custom software, on the other hand, can be tailored to your procedures and used to help you enhance your business. As a consequence, you’ll have a more seamless operating procedure that not only allows you to reap the benefits of the software but also aids in the transition.

NC Integration Process
Nordic Consult Inc has created an integration system that is in charge of designing and managing system integrations and components, such as application-to-application integrations, services, internal and external API, file transfer, and EDI and SQL queries, among others.

For application-to-application integrations, the Systems Integration Specialist is completely responsible for participating in requirements analysis and decomposition, design, development, internal testing, and documentation.

Integration Specialists
Experts in flexible business integration. We offer more than two decades of experience in business and system integration.

We have done integration work for a number of firms around the world, and we are convinced that we can offer high-quality results when it comes to integration.

Integration Architecture
Integration architecture is a software architecture that allows numerous IT components to work together. With advancements in cross-platform usefulness and other development paradigms for new types of digital operations, this architecture transforms.

Azure Integration
Microsoft Cloud’s Azure Integration Services allows you to accomplish mission-critical integrations. It gives Azure users a serverless compute experience that helps them connect apps more efficiently and consistently.

BizTalk Experts
Microsoft’s BizTalk is a single platform for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). BizTalk is a tool for connecting and automating business operations amongst interconnected applications running on diverse platforms. The BizTalk Server facilitates the transformation and conversion of data from the formats of individual applications to a common or independent format.

Neuron ESB Experts / pergrin connet
Neuron ESB is a simple enterprise service bus that makes messaging, system integration, and Web service enablement much easier. It speeds up the adoption of service-oriented architecture by allowing for fast integration of diverse applications. Neuron ESB, which is based on Microsoft.NET, allows clients to use their existing in-house developer skills and tools to launch projects in weeks rather than months.

Successful integration requires a combined corporate effort between many experts:

  • Business process owners
  • Business system experts
  • Program and Project managers
  • Security experts
  • Enterprise, integration and solution architects
  • Operations experts and managers
  • Integration system experts

The Certified Integration Professional (CIP) certification establishes a common view, language and approach to integration between all stakeholders.
CIP is a universal approach to integration that is independent of technical integration platforms
CIP is the collected best practices of implementing integrations with more than 50 companies (small to global). And 20 years of integrations across various verticals.

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