At Nordic Consult we offer website and web-shop development services to anything from small one-man business to enterprise websites. Common for all deliverables is that they follow a tailored quality assurance process with a very transparent project process. Ensuring scope and deliverables are in control and on time
The website’s main purpose is to bridge and balance the gap between your customer needs and your business needs. We can help you qualify and evaluate each requirement and change request.
Our basic website process:
  • Initiation meeting
  • Capturing the essence of your business
  • Sketching, low-fidelity prototyping
  • Visual expression and design
  • Choice of platform, tools and budget, CMS systems or custom build
  • UX and wireframing
  • Designing the mockup
  • Fine-tuning the layout
  • Web site construction
  • Making final revisions
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
Going live with your new website is a very big effort and your display window to the world. Well done!
To keep that window nice and shiny you should expect to follow up on business development and strategies. And to achieve the maximum potential of your investment you need to follow and act on your web user’s behavior. Do they behave as expected? Are there areas of improvement and business opportunities?
After production services:

Continuous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Adwords guidance


Detailed web usage reports


Content services – A website is never static and needs regular updates


Changes and further website development – Discover and act on new business opportunities


Hotline services


Information Security Services – Keep your website protected against existing and emerging threats. Disaster recovery procedure if your website is compromised we have a full plan to recover

At Nordic consult we deliver all web development services as described above. Through our own team and partners, we are able to offer this as off-shore, near-shore, outsourced and in sourced where we can provide either a single expert consultant or a complete project team.

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