Do you wish to assemble a top-notch team of accomplished web developers to help you quickly compete on a level playing field with industry titans? All the while reducing development costs, streamlining scaling up, and guaranteeing top-notch development? If the answer is yes, top-notch offshore developers is the answer.

When a company sources its services or goods from seasoned professionals outside the country, the practice is known as offshore outsourcing, often referred to as offshore development. Through offshore outsourcing, you can access a wide range of tech-related services, including web development, QA services, UI/UX design, software product maintenance, etc.

With this outsourcing strategy, you may expand your operational capabilities, use cutting-edge technology, lower overhead costs, scale quickly, save time, get rid of the difficulties associated with hiring and onboarding, and more. However, hiring offshore web developers for your project requires special knowledge that only comes from experience.

Here are 5 tips below

  • The onshore team: The onshore management team should embrace a more hands-on and proactive approach to deal with offshore project teams to ensure deliveries are met in a timely manner. Changing from an in-house to an offshore team delivery model requires a renewed commitment from the business management team to ensuring that offshore projects focus on both technical implementation and business benefit delivery.
  • Develop Small, but highly-skilled teams: When it comes to team size, the smaller the team the better – a little group of exceptionally skilled offshore developers will be more effective than a bigger team of average developers. If the offshore team begins growing in size, split it into various teams and assign a team lead to each small team to get the required accountability, visibility, clarity, and focus on the development process.
  • Be Clear on Expectations: When working with any other organizational body, a mismatch in expectations is not unusual. What is considered good or acceptable by you, might not hold true for your offshore software development partner – especially in aspects such as quality, security, and user experience. Document everything in detail, be clear on the expectations, and improve the speed of delivery, ownership, and subsequently quality. Share values instead of documents to ensure expectations are well understood.
  • Communicate Frequently: To get the most out of the partnership, it is best if the onshore team lead communicates to all offshore developers— not just the offshore team lead – at least once a week. Usually, such communication with the offshore developer helps in identifying issues earlier rather than later. Look for ways to build a relationship with the offshore team through social and collaborative activities.
  • Geographical and cultural differences: Possibly the greatest challenge of successfully managing offshore IT development is overcoming differences of language, culture, and geography. Excellent communication is critical to the success of any development project, but it becomes even more critical when working with offshore vendors. The onshore organization must be conscious of the cultural differences that affect how directions are received, problems are resolved, and responsibility is delegated. It is the responsibility of the onshore management team to ensure that the requirements of each project deliverable are well understood and that a contact structure is put in place that accounts for differences in time zones should problems or questions arise. When documenting project requirements, reviewing technical specifications, or agreeing on timetables, onshore project managers should confirm that details are understood by all.


Working with offshore teams is no longer an impossible venture but a reality. As a business, offshoring, along with proper management and structure, can grow your company to heights otherwise unattainable when sticking only to onsite resources, whether companies like it or not offshoring is here to stay.

With the tried and tested tips provided in this article, your company should not have a problem building an effective and efficient offshore team.

Software development is a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure that is essential to the operation of every company that deals with assets. Please let us know if you’re seeking for a partner who can create an IT consultation solution to suit the unique requirements of your business.

Published On: November 24th, 2022 / Categories: Outsourcing /

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