Successful Project

Project management, prototyping, database design, software architecture, framework usage, and a slew of other considerations are all necessary.

It’s vital to have a clear vision and grasp of what you want to produce before you start working on a software project. Whether you choose a classic waterfall or an agile development approach, if you don’t share a clear vision with the development team from the start, you’re sure to miss your deadline and get bogged down.

Business PM

Project managers are in charge of project planning, execution, monitoring, control, and closure. They are in charge of the overall project scope, as well as the project team and resources, the project budget, and the project’s success or failure.

Technical PM

A Technical Project Manager is someone who is both a technology expert and a motivating leader. Technical Project Managers must have a high level of technical expertise, as well as organization, leadership, and communication skills, as they are involved in the design and management of both IT and IT-related projects.

Engagement Package

In our professional and proven engagement process, we reduce risk and uncertainty by using practical and efficient techniques and tools to identify and clarify your needs;

  • Scope – As a result of the scope work, and depending on the specific product we will create so-called wireframes/and or handwritten mockups of critical user interfaces.
  • Work Break Down Structure (WBS) – Then we proceed to define and design one or more technical solutions that can support the requirements. We use all our experience to break down the requirements into identified pieces of work.
  • When the work has been identified we estimate the tasks with (minimum, most likely and maximum estimates).
  • Following that, we suggest a plan for how this could be done. When can we start, how many developers, other resources, Other costs like hosting, licenses etc.
  • Finally we present our findings as, ready to adjust it to your feedback. The Evaluation.

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