Enterprise Architecture

In our vision Enterprise Architecture is business driven, as well as flexible to be able to evolve with business
At the core of a successful EA implementation is a business that is involved and with ownership of the identified business services – from a business perspective.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is it possible to EA enable your entire business in a day.

A pragmatic approach is the key (specially to avoid creating architectural fairy tales without clear anchoring in the real-life business processes) together with a closely aligned business. When possible, implement EA in small pragmatic steps as part of your existing and future business investments. Looking for opportunities to improve and evolve as your existing business is changed. As a natural part upgrading existing solutions or as part of implementing new systems. Implementing EA should not be a huge extra cost.

There are many perspectives on EA and on how to implement it in your organization. While navigation the many perspectives it is key to keep the “for the business” in mind and also to stay flexible and open minded to notice new opportunities and acknowledge architectural limitations in the existing organization.

We recommend that enabling EA in your business is initiated with the smallest possible engagement and evolves with the business. It will require an open architectural mindset as well as a broad and solid perspective business perspective to guide anything from simple solutions to solutions covering larger parts of the business value chain.

At Nordic Consult we offer to Kickstart your EA process. By teaching your organization this mindset, through workshops and hands on training relevant to your business:
  • Initiation meeting. Extracting your business immediate goals and challenges.
  • Followed by a Nordic Consult EA presentation and workshop, tailored to your business and with possible solutions and recommendation for your immediate goals and challenges. Part of the process is to Identify existing and future EA processes and their supporting IT systems. A process that will anchor the EA and make it more real and specific for your organization.
  • With a deeper understanding of the Nordic Consults EA pragmatic approach, we suggest to guide you to the next EA Goal. Create a plan and a vision that will align and optimize your business with your future IT landscape.
  • We will also assist when enabling creating new projects. Making sure that new project is in compliance with the EA vision. Or that the EA case is changed to reflect important Business changes. (EA Governance). In our experience, the first projects require a bit more attention until the mindset settles in the organization.

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