At Nordic Consult we are capable of delivering end-to-end development in many forms and variants
1. Websites and Webshops
website and web-shop development services to anything from small one-man business to enterprise websites. Common for all deliverables is that they follow a tailored quality assurance process with a very transparent project process. Ensuring scope and deliverables are in control and on time.

2. Frontend Development
This has evolved into a highly specialized and unique set of skills. At Nordic Consult we embrace this unique challenge providing development services and consultants specialized in frontend development covering different areas of frontend development.

3. Backend Development
Let us help you build or improve on existing backend layers. Utilizing Nordic Consults 15+ years of experience building and integrating with Backend layers. Backend development is the foundation for your evolving business. A backend that can grow, scale and perform with your business.

4. App development
Mobile Application (App) Development is becoming more and more advanced and offers a complete new set of business opportunities especially in the Business to Consumer market where the “world” is practical your new market.

5. Project Teams
Urgent need for extra manpower? At Nordic Consult we offer to create optimized project teams to help your organization achieve your goals as fast and efficient as possible.

6. Offshoring
Are specific IT resources hard to find locally, or to costly? Through our selected partners and personal connections, we offer your company access to a proven network of global resources through offshoring.

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