Microsoft BizTalk is Microsoft primary on premise integration platform. Designed to Integrate all your IT systems as well as potentially your customers systems (vendor B2B integration)
Nordic Consult is one off, if not, the most experienced BizTalk Consultancy company in Denmark. Having built BizTalk integration solutions for more than 15+ years. Almost in the entire lifespan of the BizTalk product.
This also means that Nordic Consult has evolved and improved upon the usage of BizTalk facilitating a pragmatic and efficient approach to otherwise very costly BizTalk projects. Especially if you do not avoid the pitfalls in the product.

We often provide expert and emergency operations support to larger Nordic BizTalk customers who operate critical infrastructure systems. And as part of that Experience Nordic Consult can also help with BizTalk operations support. Either as a service or by offering education of your operations teams.

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