App Development

Mobile Application(App) Development is becoming more and more advanced and offers a complete new set of business opportunities especially in the Business to Consumer market where the “world” is practical your new market
Creating modern mobile apps has a set of unique challenges to be solved, some of these are:

Creating an App that gets noticed


Look, feel and usability is more important than ever


Screen Real Estate. Targeting many platforms and many different devices and devices sizes is a very unique challenge


Performance vs Battery life


Mobile Content Management. The days of disconnected apps are long gone


Error handling and operations are unique. The systems running your app are not in your control


Backends are challenged with a potential explosive and unforeseeable increase in requests




Development platform, one to rule them all, or custom native development for each targeted platform


Insight into mobility device and version demography. For example: “What android version is the most commonly used, and in what areas of the world”


Usage feedback, everything is evolving. You will need to know how, when and where your users are using your application


And many more

Let us, at Nordic Consult help you overcome these challenges.

At Nordic Consult we offer practical and efficient application development services, through our own team or partners. We are able to offer this as off-shore, near-shore, outsourced and insourced where we provide either a single expert consultant or a complete project team.

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