Nordic Consult was created after the reorganization of the consulting company Nebular Aps, which CTO Michael Høtoft co-founded in 2009.

Nordic Consult has more than 15 years of experience in the IT consulting industry. Continuously working on improving and innovating on our core services to the advantage of our customers and consultants.

Part of the Nordic Consult DNA is to have a hands on approach to the market. Which is why our management continues to provide consultancy services in the field. Providing us with a current and up to date insight into the market and customer needs. With the added benefit that we have worked closely together with many of our consultants

At Nordic Consult, our recruitment process includes our own IT experts, technically screening and challenging our consultants on their professional skills, ensuring that your company is presented with the best match, at the professional and personal level. Our experience is, that the personal skill set is equally important to achieving the best results.
Together we succeed.

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